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Lawn Mowing Business Tips

You may think that there’s not much strategizing necessary to run a lawn mowing business, that you’re pretty much all set with the right equipment and sufficient manpower, but there’s more to successful business administration than these. To maximize not only efficiency but profit as well, apply the following lawn mowing business tips: Image Credit: […]

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Hurricane Season is Here: Four Steps to Prepare Your Home

While you were sitting by the pool or laying on the beach, the hurricane season arrived. While some of us are still experiencing the calm before the storm, the 2015 season is off to a record start. Already, there have been over 10 named storms in the eastern Pacific, central Pacific and Atlantic basins combined […]

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5 Energy Efficient Items to Include when Building your New Home

With the energy efficient revolution firmly planted in the collective paradigm, builders of new homes are reaping a myriad of benefits. Some include lower cost for utility bills as well as generating revenue. The areas that have been targeted are insulation, windows, skylights, doors, solar and wind technology, and Energy Star appliances. Insulation Empirical data along […]